Conviviality and sharing, that is what La Belle Verte brings to you with its tasty cuisine and use of fresh and locally grown organic foods.
Respect for the natural seasons is at the heart of our inspiration, and the source of our flavors’ authenticity.

At mid-day, Delphine sets the restaurant up as an organic canteen serving a variety of freshly prepared dishes. Around meat and fish, farm grown produce and, for the vegans, 100% vegetable goods, La Belle Verte’s cuisine will creatively and enthusiastically adapt to all your preferences.
Charles and Harold above all love to give flavor to your convictions.

We will put the same care in preparing your sweet and savory dishes for take-out all day long.

After lunch, our friendly family restaurant turns into an organic tearoom, offering everyone a tasty break. Discover the joys of light, fresh and digestible pastry.
With our traditional sweets, vegan treats and gluten/lactose free delicacies, you will guiltlessly give in to temptation. A cup of tea from our selection, fair trade coffee, a fresh smoothie or an artisan’s beverage will complement your fancy.

At the end of the day, before the curtain falls, La Belle Verte’s company will give its final performance in a more gastronomic third act. This may open merrily with an apéritif drink among friends. As Charles and Harold go all out on the meal, Delphine will help you pick out a nice bottle for the perfect harmony.

Every Sunday, with the organic farmers market on Place St Aubin, La Belle Verte will get up early to go meet its favorite suppliers and organize a brunch for every taste, always fabulous, full of energy, healthy and well balanced.
As for those who like to sleep in, do not worry for we will serve you until mid-afternoon!

In addition, La Belle Verte will happily organize your group meals, receptions and events. We will give every request all our attention.

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