Our values

La Belle Verte is more than just cuisine, it is a state of mind.

We want organic agriculture to cease to be the exception and once again become the rule.
Only the polluters should have to certify their intensive farming, leaving the term « conventional » for that agriculture which respects both man and its environnement.
That is why La Belle Verte dreams of the day when the designation « organic » will have become obsolete.

Until that great day, the team focuses on supporting those whose crops grow organic, biodynamic (Demeter) and local, particularly those who adhere to the Nature & Progrès charter (established in 1972).
La Belle Verte has chosen to be a certified organic restaurant.
Likewise, we are committed to transparency and traceability and we will be happy to tell you about our suppliers and to show you their certificates.

Far from the merely trendy, our values are those of the home-made, the handcrafted, the expression of skill and long lasting relationships with small producers. Thus, La Belle Verte has chosen the slowfood approach, which is respectful of the land and of the environnement.

Attentive to all sensibilities, our vegetarian and vegan dishes are elaborated with separate and exclusive utensils.

The revolution starts in the kitchen!