Our cuisine

La Belle Verte defines itself as the modern and enticing place for delicious delicacies and creative cuisine. Its team, comprising three experienced connoisseurs and long time members of the organic food scene, has chosen to break away from the austere and severe image that, sadly, too many organic restaurants reflect.

We have made the choice of organic cuisine, meaning that we use fresh, local, seasonal and organically grown produce, and that we favor the artful and gentle cooking techniques which allow the use of less salt and less sugar. Thus, the fuller appreciation of our suppliers’ goods, in our always tasty dishes.

We believe in a diet that is both healthy and delightful. Our dishes give center stage to vegetables, to whole and gluten-free grains and to digestible protein, that is to light and lively nourishment.

Our purpose is to bring food lovers of all sensibilities together at our table. To vegetarians and vegans we make the enticing promise of the original and delicious, thus offering them the outings they have always wanted.
Vegans will not be the only ones delighted by our fake meat recipes, as any eater may be enchanted by these new flavors.

Nevertheless, those who prefer a mouth-watering meat or fish based meal will be won over by the high quality of our favorite suppliers’ goods.

Cuisine is a place of unending reinvention.
In La Belle Verte we keep things in motion, as our menu is ever evolving, and even our teas and deserts follow the seasons.

Just as it took the farmer time to grow and harvest the crops, it took the chef time to choose and prepare the foods that we trust you will take time to appreciate.

Come give them a try…